Industry Solutions Overview

Modular identity management tools

Warehouse & Logistics

Large warehouse

With your choice of rapid and accurate data collection tools, DAP's computers can help shave minutes from every task while minimizing errors and increasing mobility.

Trucking & Transportation


Mobile rugged handheld and tablet computers from DAP can provide dispatchers with real-time information about each truck's location, speed, loading and unloading times, fuel status, idling and stop times, temperature of cargo, maintenance alerts and more.

Field Service & Utilities

Utility Workers

With a GPS-equipped, wireless rugged handheld or tablet from DAP, technicians can focus their time and efforts on serving customers, and you can improve the efficiencies of your mobile field workers, track your service fleet and save on fuel costs.

Oil & Gas

Workers in front of equipment

Computers in these harsh conditions must maintain detailed data associated with the exploration and transport of petroleum resources, and that means choosing computers that are proven rugged and reliable.


Open pit mine

Engineered to work in extreme environments, DAP's computers provide the highest level of reliability for maintaining sensitive and detailed data about complex oil and gas pipeline operations.


Auto manufacturing assembly line

DAP's computers can be customized to help you avoid production downtime, manage the supply chain, and ensure safety and operational efficiencies.