Solutions for Security & Public Safety

Airport security station

Modular identity management tools

Future Proof Your Security Solution

Whether the job is responding to emergencies or securing communities, borders, airports, campuses, or enterprise, first responders and security personnel have important jobs to do. They must be able to focus on their missions without worrying about their technology. And even as agencies continue to contend with shrinking budgets and growing need, they must have accurate, timely information to deploy resources and manage complex events.

With wireless options including GPRS, wireless WAN, 3G, Bluetooth and more, DAP’s cost- effective mobile computers allow data to be viewed, transmitted and shared in real-time.

DAP’s cost-effective handheld, tablet and fixed-mount solutions are also upgradable, so you aren’t locked into today’s technology. If a new and superior fingerprint reader technology is developed, for example, you can replace only the modular component at minimal cost, while the core body of the computer remains intact.

Because reliability of communications and data is paramount, DAP’s handheld, tablet and vehicle-mount computers are engineered to be dependable, even in extreme conditions. Whether they’re left in a hot vehicle, dropped on the pavement, bumped along on an uneven road, or get drenched by a rain storm or an occasional cup of coffee, DAP’s computers keep working.

Solutions for Security & Public Safety


  • Asset tracking and inventory management
  • Border security
  • Criminal checks and inquiries
  • Dispatch
  • Emergency communications
  • ePassport reading
  • Fire, police and health inspectors
  • Hazmat tracking
  • Hospital and health data
  • ID card reading
  • Mustering
  • Personal identity and verification (PIV)
  • Personnel tracking
  • Real-time medical information
  • Work permit, visa management and validation