Solutions for Trucking & Transportation


Real-time data, driver's log, telemetry

Ensure Compliance with Real-Time Data

Mile for mile, mobile computing can help ensure you’re maximizing your fleet’s operational efficiency, while achieving cost-effective compliance, improving safety and reducing costs.

Whether your trucks are involved in Over the Road (OTR), Truck Load (TL), or Less Than Truckload (LTL) operations, DAP’s mobile rugged handheld and tablet computers use wireless networks, telemetry, GPS and JBUS connections to provide your dispatchers with real-time information about each truck’s location, speed, loading and unloading times, fuel status, idling and stop times, temperature of cargo, maintenance alerts and more.

Automating the logging of this information allows the driver to focus on the road instead of administrative tasks like completing manual driver logs or fuel tax calculations. Drivers also benefit from optimized routing, live traffic updates and real-time feedback about their truck’s status.

Meanwhile, clients can track deliveries and the dispatcher can monitor progress and compliance, identify safety issues like speeding or low tire pressure, and transmit new work orders to the driver. Location Based Services (LBS) provide additional opportunities for efficiency by identifying the nearest driver with load capacity for a new work order.

In addition to being all-in-one devices that reduce the amount of equipment needed to communicate, DAP’s rugged computers are engineered to withstand the challenges of a life on the road. Being bounced around in a truck or dropped on concrete, getting soaked by a spilled drink or a driving rainstorm, or operating in extreme hot or cold won’t affect performance.

Solutions for Trucking & Transportation


  • Automated driver logs
  • Driver training
  • Fuel optimization
  • Fuel tax calculation
  • Geofencing
  • Idling compliance
  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Optimized routing
  • Pay-As-You-Drive insurance compliance
  • Work order assignments
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